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Infografica Suite TheClinical 3.0

From Feasibility to Medical Report: the suite for the complete management of Clinical Trials.

The new Techorizon Clinical Suite threepointzero adds new functionality in a fully integrated environment. From Feasibility study to Final report, this platform offers many solutions for each phase of the Clinical Trial.

TheCRF is a tool for capturing data electronically (EDC)

built from the experience of hundreds of Project Managers and Investigators. The voice of our customer is ...

The patient diary, Immediate and Simple to use.

The use of the electronic diary is an effective solution in Clinical Trials for collecting data in the Patient's home.

The communication platform for Training and the sharing of Clinical Trial material.

A unique tool where everyone involved in a clinical trial can find their own personalized training material ...

With TheSurvey, sending and collecting data for the Clinical Trial context is Fast and Secure.

The questionnaire system allows data to be collected from patients, even when outside the hospital.

The system that revolutionizes the feasibility process for a clinical trial.

FeRMI sets a new standard for online management of feasibility studies. A 100% e-solution, featuring real-time

TheCTMS, making your life easier...

Keep a close watch on your clinical trial with TheCTMS; no more surprises and faster interventions if and when necessary.

The ultimate working area for the Customer, all of the parties involved in the Clinical Trial, and more.

Finally, a secure and easily accessible web area from which to Lead and Manage ...

The Solution for image management in Clinical Trials.

With just a few clicks, Cloud Media Management allows you to upload, view, comment upon and store numerous types of image and video files.

The database of Healthy Volunteers that behaves like a CRM system.

Tethys allows you to comprehensively track your Volunteers and select the best Volunteers available for your Phase 1 Studies.

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