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The solution for image management in Clinical Trials.

With just a few clicks, Cloud Media Management allows you to upload, view, comment upon and store numerous types of image and video files.

Infografica Cloud Media Management 3.0

Usable from any device, it allows you to manage images through a workflow approval process, even in double-blind contexts. Finally, Cloud Media Management is also available as an add-on to TheCRF.
All integrated in a single application.


  • Image archive accessible
    from TheCRF
  • Evaluative workflow, customizable
    for each Clinical Trial
  • Image import
    from the hospital site's archive

personalized archiving

With a storage structure that is customizable for each Clinical Trial, Cloud Media Management is the ultimate solution for the collection and archiving of images for any Project.

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Import images
from other databases

Cloud Media Management features powerful connectors that allow storage and retrieval of images from any platform. In this way, for example, Investigators can capture images and video with the instruments at the hospital site and effortlessly import them into TheCRF.

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Review, forward, validate: build your own System for Evaluation

With Cloud Media Management, you can process each image or video through a freely configurable workflow. From Nurse to Investigator, and from Sponsor to Blind Assessor, each has their own personalized access to contribute to the final evaluation.

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