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The system that revolutionizes the Feasibility process for a Clinical Trial

Ad hoc faxes and e-mails are no longer required.

FeRMI sets a new standard for online management of Feasibility Studies

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A 100% e-solution, featuring real-time data analysis and reporting updates with 24/7 availability on any device connected to the web. Reduce Feasibility timescales by 70% when compared with the standard tools in use today.


  • Investigators Database integrated
  • with the existing databases
  • 70% time saving
  • Identify the best investigators
    for a specific pathology

You can be underway in a matter of minutes.

Create your questionnaire template and use it as many times as you want for different Clinical Trials. Within minutes, you will be ready to send a questionnaire to thousands of Investigators automatically; monitor and control the results without worry.

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A database of investigators that is no longer inaccessible

If you already have an Investigators database, Fermi can use it but not only; thanks to easily modified search algorithms, identifying the most suitable Investigators for your Clinical Trial is now fully under your control.

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Redefine the timescales to conduct Feasibility

Using Fermi, our Customers have reduced the time needed for Feasibility Study Management from several months to just a few weeks. You decide how to profit from the time saved

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