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The database of healthy volunteers ...

that behaves like a CRM system.

Tethys allows you to comprehensively track your Volunteers and select the Best volunteers available for your Phase 1 Studies.

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  • Online application for access
  • from anywhere
  • Powerful search
  • and evaluation tools

All you need and more.

A complete and customizable register of Volunteers with selection of inclusion criteria, medical history and more: finding the right people for your Phase 1 Studies has never been simpler.

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Prevention is best.

Tethys allows you to intercept abnormal situations before they develop. Customized control metrics can be inserted that highlight unwanted states; for example, a minimum period since the last participation in a Clinical Trial, or a temperamental unsuitability for new Trials.

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Already have a registry
but worried about migrating it?

With the support of Techorizon, Tethys allows you to import and validate all the registers of volunteers at your disposal. You can also integrate records of activities from your CRM or ERP systems.

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