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TheCRF is a tool for capturing data electronically (EDC), built from the experience of hundreds of Project Managers and Investigators.

The voice of our customer is important, which is why TheCRF is constantly evolving;

In the new version, we have included many updates gathered as a result of working in the sector, tailoring the system even more closely to your needs.

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A specific configuration can be created to match the specific characteristics of each Clinical Trial, with a price that reflects the real use of the system.



  • Robust but extremely
  • flexible system
  • Configurable
  • for each Clinical Trial
  • Competitive, clear pricing
  • without surprises
  • Fast configuration
  • and start-up
  • Continuously updated
  • according to your needs
  • Quick and Consolidated
  • Change Management
  • during the course of the Clinical Trial

The right price for each Clinical Trial

Observational, interventional, pharmacological, retrospective or medical device ... whatever the type of Clinical Trial, TheCRF is the only Platform that offers the same application at a price that aligns to your Trial. Techorizon has invented a fast and efficient database system set-up that meets the demands of the Customer.

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All the functionality you need… Among the most appreciated:

  • Welcome Dashboard with customizable widget;
  • Active and Passive navigation tools;
  • Cohort Management and Multiple case report form (CRF) implementation tool;
  • On-demand reporting schedules;
  • Data export in SAS, CSV, HTML, PDF, XML, SQLDB and JSON format;
  • Post-it comment and note functionality;
  • Image Management and evaluation;
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at no extra charge

  • eCRF labeling;
  • Custom data validation checks configuration;
  • Customizable user profile;
  • Customizable approval-based workflow;
  • Data integration for third party systems;
  • Wearable device integration with Data Lake Management.

A living platform thanks to you.

Techorizon offers its Customers the option to request the implementation of new features without additional cost when compared to a standard quote. We cater to our customers' needs, without compromise.

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