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Keep a close watch on your Clinical Trial with TheCTMS

No more surprises and faster interventions if and when necessary.

Collect information and documents, while your KPIs make it simple to evaluate the effectiveness of Study activities.

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TheCTMS, making your life easier...


  • TheCTMS: available online,
  • through your browser
  • KPIs and Alert Management
  • in real time
  • Customizable access
  • for each user

Keep the Clinical Trial
under control

With a renewed system of KPIs and automatic alerts, it is no longer necessary to chase a problem. In just a few web pages, you can Evaluate a Project's health and take immediate action on any issues that must be resolved.

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A tool designed
and built for you.

A tool described by users as Intuitive and Fast. It takes just a few clicks on a tablet to enter the necessary information or capture it directly from the hospital site. Finally, an application designed not only for project managers but also for hospital site staff.

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and integrated

One of the strengths of TheCTMS is customization: the user can personalize it while always fully respecting the demands of corporate procedures, trial after trial. In addition, through pre-built connectors, all the data can be made available to your corporate ERP system in real time.

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