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The communication platform for training and the sharing of Clinical Trial documents.

A unique tool where everyone involved in a Clinical Trial can find their own personalized training material and documentation. Use the format most suitable for you: training slides, videos, documents or even live lessons.

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All activities performed on TheLearning platform are registered and certified. TheLearning can also manage Perpetual Training and handle countries' Certification Programs (e.g. Italy's Continuing Medical Education/ECM).



  • Certified Training
  • Management
  • Sharing of Study
  • materials
  • Live lessons
  • Support for Perpetual Training and
  • countries' Certification Programs (e.g. ECM)
  • Broadcast surgeries
  • Monitoring of Corporate
  • communications

Control the training for your Clinical Trials

With TheLearning, you can gather together all of the training material for the Clinical Trial, providing each user with their own personal training pathway. The Customer can direct the training for all of their active Clinical Trials from a single monitoring panel.

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Perpetual Training and more.

Thanks to the flexibility and ability to plan courses, you can easily fulfill the demands of Perpetual Training required by Regulation. Ultimately, you can maintain and regulate the level of training associated with Clinical Trials.

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Study materials are always available

Each user, from the Investigator to the CRO, can find up-to-date and personalized Study materials in TheLearning. You no longer need to configure complex systems for the distribution of files. In addition, TheLearning allows you to monitor how much and when the material provided is used.

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