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With TheSurvey, sending and collecting data for the Clinical Trial context is fast and secure.

The questionnaire system allows data to be collected from Patients, even when outside the hospital.

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TheSurvey can be used on any device, including the Patient's own personal device.


  • Activation within a matter of hours
  • Real-time reporting
  • Integrated helpdesk

Efficient data collection

With TheSurvey sending questionnaires, collecting data and analyzing results is simple and effective.
The Customer only has to deliver the list of intended recipients and we do the rest .

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Useful in multiple situations.

Data collection via questionnaire is a proven methodology in terms of both effectiveness and flexibility of application. Project feasibility, Quality of Life (QoL) studies, Visual Analog Scale (VAS) responses, Customer satisfaction or market Surveys are just a few examples of how TheSurvey can be used.

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Low costs Optimal results

The most effective mechanisms don't always have to have the highest cost. Today, collecting data from hundreds or thousands of users is very simple and with Techorizon's "all inclusive" offering a worry-free service is finally available.

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